About Us


About Us

Welcome To Patch n Graphics

Patch n Graphics (PNG) is the one stop solution for your embroidery digitizing, patches and vector art conversionneeds. At PNG you will find the quality consistency along with your designs done quickly in the top-notch quality.We take pride in our in-house team of experienced embroidery digitizers, vector artists and support team who are always ready to work on your tiny to giant design details.

Our Mission

Patch n Graphics mission is to provide top most quality patches, embroidery digitizing and vector artwork conversion services at affordable pricing.

We established PNG with the goal of providing 100% accuracy services and products to our consumers. Patch n Graphics has grown into a well-known company in the United States for its long-term relationship services, which have been a feature of Patch n Graphics from its inception. Our primary phrases are confidence and trustworthiness, as well as a long-standing commercial relationship.

Our Vision

Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve in both time and field. Because we are tech aware, we continue to incorporate creativity and new technologies that add originality to our products and services to provide innovation to our clients


Highly Trained Professionals at PNG

Our creative team is made up of highly trained and experienced embroidery digitizers, apparel experts, and creative designers. They are led by well-informed creative managers. Our organisation has experts in each department that have appropriate experience in their respective fields



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What Customers Say About Us

This was the first time with Patch n Graphics requesting an 8 hours turnaround, and they delivered before the time and the digitizing result was up-to the par.
The best of the best, extremely high quality vector design work at amazing prices with fastest delivery.
I am totally pleased with their top quality work, their service, consistency, creative team and the turnaround time. Keep these on and thank you team Patch n Graphics!
Wonderful job on the photo recreation from the very old raster image to highly detailed vector art. It was provided on time and at a reasonable price.
One thing I am sure about patches ordered from Patch n Graphics, I'm going to get top and finest quality patches and dispatched on time always. Totally recommended.
I am so glad to have come across Patch n Graphics for my embroidery patches. They achieved the perfect digitizing and patch production service with simplicity, with eccentric results, thank you so much team!